3 e-Commerce Growth Trends to Think About in 2021

3 e-Commerce Growth Trends to Think About in 2021

The ongoing Covid pandemic has further shifted eCommerce in 2021. Traditional in-store sales have decreased but eCommerce has seen a 129% year-on-year growth. Together with an impressive 146% growth in online retail orders. Most of your walk-in stores have shifted their focus to selling online in order to survive. That’s why we thought it would be great to focus on 3 e-Commerce growth trends to think about in 2021.

Globally, consumers are changing their buying habits – even your old-timers. Companies that have taken to this shift in selling have already experienced expansion. They have gotten somewhat of a head start on those that haven’t. Creating and designing your website to align to the suggested eCommerce standards is not easy. Then there is still the actual selling that needs to be optimised. The competition is getting steeper and online shopping behaviours are changing faster than ever.

Here are 3 trends to bear in mind when looking to join and compete in the online sales world:

Make Your Commerce Personalised

Your successful eCommerce businesses are using personalisation technology to offer customers a customised experience. This is done by showing dynamic content. As well as displaying product recommendations and special offers based on their search behaviour. In short, online personalisation mimics what a customers in-store experience would be by creating a personal customer journey.

Access to customer demographics and personal data is also very helpful. Social media platforms, search tracking tools and back-end plugins give you great access to this sort of important data. You can easier source information such as search queries, page visits and purchase history.

When this is done right, consumers feel like you’re reading their mind. And this generates a sense of loyalty and familiarity. Add features that make the buying experience more interactive and unique. And you will be sure to see a drastic increase in your ROI.

Celebrity Endorsements

Ever heard of something called social commerce? Well, it exists. And it is the selling of products directly through social media. The main difference to standard eCommerce is that consumers can purchase products directly through social media platforms. When the above is paired with influencer marketing, you will be on the right track. And those indirect sales will see a great improvement. Whether it be through influencer-sponsored content are direct influencer partnerships.

In 2020, influencer marketing budgets were increased by 65%. And this number will increase. Obviously, it is best to partner up with influencers who have the most followers. However, your particular budget will determine exactly how “well-known” you can go.

Interactive Visuals for Products

It is imperative to give the potential buyer a clear idea of what the product they are about to purchase actually looks like. Again, this adds to the trust factor and clients may hesitate from clicking that “check-out” button.

The use of multiple, high-resolution images is a great place to start but there are more strings to this bow. Show the viewer what the product looks like when in use. Whether it be with the use of models or suitable props. 360-degree images are becoming popular, as are making use of video gifs. Add a zoom feature to your product pages and be sure to provide all the necessary descriptions and information in an easy-to-find layout.

All-in-all, it is so important to get ahead of these e-Commerce growth trends and embrace the latest technologies. Put aside a bit more towards your website budget and you will drive more sales, attract new clients, and increase that market share.

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