How Outline Online optimise the structure of your site – Part 1

How Outline Online optimise the structure of your site – Part 1

We know how to optimise the structure of your site.

1. We plan your site structure first

Websites are ever evolving platforms. They need to be designed in such a way that new content and features can be easily added. It is therefore a good idea to plan the site structure first before you start building. Whether this be a new build or a restructure. This will ensure that nothing is missed during the creation process. And that the website foundations are set up correctly.

2. We prioritise information hierarchy

An inverted pyramid is how we like to describe our information hierarchy display. Your homepage sits on the top and the sub-levels sit thereunder to provide more detail. Google’s search engines also prefer this type of structure. It informs them of the relative importance of your website’s pages.

3. We incorporate heading hierarchy

One of the more important but forgotten areas of website structure is the labelling of your headers. If your headings are not correct, the copy you display on your page will add very little to your SEO score.

4. We prioritise the URL’s in your navigation

Every business and every sector have varying areas of importance. We at Outline Online ensure that we grasp the concept and mission of our clients business before deciding on their website navigation. It is imperative to make the user-journey as valuable and exciting as possible. The choice, order and placement of your navigation URL’s must be thoughtfully laid-out. This assists in pointing the visitor to the focal website pages.

5. We make use of the “3-click maximum”

There is a general rule-of-thumb that users should not have to click through to an “end-page” 3 steps/clicks away from your homepage. This obviously makes the user-experience that much more effective. It also assists makes life difficult for website crawl engines. The deeper they have to crawl, the lower score you are going to get on your structure analysis.

6. We make use of breadcrumbs on our e-commerce sites

Breadcrumbs give the user a clear idea as to where they are in the product discovery process. They are an alternative form of navigation and assist your users in getting around your site. This not only helps our clients view their business from a fresh and logical approach, but it also contributes to their SEO. The neater the structure, the easier it is for crawlers to skim your website.

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