How Outline Online optimise the structure of your site – Part 2

How Outline Online optimise the structure of your site – Part 2

We know how to optimise the structures of your site.

7. Create a “Money Page”

It is important to focus extra attention to one or more page. We refer to these pages as “Money Pages”. These pages are what should be considered of more importance in terms of content and internal linking. It is important to ensure the SEO score on these pages is as high as possible and emphasis is put on high-volume keywords for these pages. As mentioned before, we try and create as many internal links on your website that lead back to the “Money Page”.

8. Assign parent sections

This point leans towards the navigation set up of one’s website and is important to optimise the structures of your site. The parent page will be the umbrella page that leads to pages of more detail. For example, if you own a pool repairs company, your parent page will be a page that describes the general services you offer. This page must be separate to the Homepage. Users can then get a quick idea of what it is you do and then click on the service that meets their requirements for a more detailed description. This structure ensures your product or service is “front-of-house” and your users get what they are looking for efficiently. The best next step in this chain would be to offer the user a contact and/or purchase method.

9. Try and stick to one topic per blog post

This point speaks for itself. Don’t mix and muddle topics within the same blog post. This will confuse the reader and you will lose emphasis on the point you are trying to make. This also helps with categorizing your blogs.

10. Don’t have product pages with only one item

Not only does this look like you are running on low stock. It also makes the buying journey more tedious by adding an irrelevant step to the purchasing process. We try and find a way, or a place, to place lone items within a group category to assist with the website flow and give these dingle items more chance of being seen and purchased.

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