1.1) A legally binding contract with Outline Online commences once the quote/proposal has been received and signed by the client. The duration of that contract is determined by the initial agreement period, agreed to by the client and Outline Online.

1.2) Once payment, whether it be the deposit, instalments and/or full amount, is received, they will be considered non-refundable.

1.3) Hosting, domain, email coverage and any other subscriptions connected to a website can be cancelled with 1 (one) months written notice by the client. All up-front payments received for the above are non-refundable.

1.4) Outline Online reserves the right to cancel a contract if the business relationship between Outline Online and the client becomes dysfunctional or the relationship between us and the client is classified as unprofessional by Outline Online. We will provide you with 1 (one) months written notice in such a case.


2.1) Work will commence once the deposit has reflected in our bank account in full. If you choose to cancel your project after the deposit has been paid and before it has been completed, we reserve the right to bill you for the hours worked on your project up until the official cancellation date agreed to by both parties.

2.2) Completed projects will only be handed over and go live once the final payment has reflected in our bank account and the “going-live” sign-off document has been received. If the above monies are not received, we reserve the right to hold your domain and take ownership thereof until the account has been settled, received and paid in full. A negative credit report can be issued if the above situation arises.

2.3) Clients will be charged a nominal, hourly fee for any work that is requested to be completed outside of the parameters of the official signed contracts and maintenance packages. Any additional costs connected to these tasks/projects will also be charged for in full. Clients will be invoiced accordingly for these tasks/projects and a full breakdown of all costs will be supplied by Outline Online via a formal invoice. Invoices will be sent electronically, unless otherwise agreed to by both parties and the completed tasks/projects will only be officially published once payment for the above has been received.

2.4) Hosting, domains, email ownership and any other subscriptions connected to a website will be renewed automatically at the relevant monthly and annual fees unless we are instructed by an official member of the client’s business to cancel the above in advance of 1 (one) month.

2.5) The client’s monthly fees for hosting, domain, email ownership and any other subscriptions connected to their website will be covered by Outline Online for the first 1 (one) month on a pro rata basis based on the date the website goes live. These fees will be automatically renewed as proposed in point 2.4 of this document and must be covered by the client.

2.6) The client’s annual fees for hosting, domain, email ownership and any other subscriptions connected to their website must be covered by the client on an annual, rotational basis. This payment must be made in accordance with the initial payment date the 1st annual subscription payment was made.

2.7) Outline Online offers free maintenance hours based on the size and complexity of a project. The amount of free maintenance hours will be communicated to the client and agreed to during the proposal sign-off phase. Any maintenance and updates that fall out of that agreement will be charged for at a nominal hourly rate.

2.8) We reserve the right to increase our fees on an annual basis.


3.1) Outline Online uses checklists, an email-based project management system, Google Docs and other programs when communicating with their clients. These systems, communications and the resulting requests will be considered legally binding once they have been sent, received and signed. You will be given the opportunity to make changes to any documents that need approval. If changes are made after signing these communications off, nominal hourly fees will be applicable.

3.2) Outline Online cannot be held responsible for any delays in a project due the lack of response and feedback with regards to materials and information requested and required from the client in order to complete the agreed work.

3.3) The “Strategy Meeting Sign-Off Document”, “Website Demo Sign-Off Document” and “Going Live Sign-Off Document” are legally binding and will become active once signed copies are received from the client. Outline Online reserves the right to halt progress on a website build if the above-mentioned documents are not signed and returned correctly and timeously. 

3.4) Once the project has been completed and signed-off by the client, all the design elements will become the property of the client, assuming payments are up to date. If payments are not up to date, that property will remain that of Outline Online.

3.5) Outline Online cannot guarantee the action or behaviour of any users/visitors to your website. An engine ranking system cannot be forced to increase the ranking of your site. We cannot make someone purchase a product or service from the client’s site. Outline Online cannot be held liable for any losses incurred by the client in terms of business performance or profit made.

3.6) All content supplied by the client must be owned by that client. We cannot accept any responsibility if your content violates legal copyrights.

3.7) By signing a quote and/or proposal, you agree to accept all Outline Online’s terms and conditions. Similarly, by accepting an invoice in writing for additional requested tasks/projects to be completed (that fall outside of the signed contracts), you agree to accept all Outline Online‘s terms and conditions.

3.8) Outline Online is operational from Monday to Thursday, 9AM to 5PM. Fridays we are operational from 9AM to 2PM. We will be closed on weekends and public holidays. Please note that Outline Online reserves the right to keep communication between its suppliers and clients solely within the above timeframes. 


4.1) Outline Online will purchase licensed web images as per the agreement stated in the initial contract. Any further images must either be supplied by the client and will fall within your own company costs. If we are asked to assist in this regard, additional fees may be charged.

4.2) Our website packages are based on a fixed number of hours per development. If these hours are exceeded, additional hours will be billed at an hourly rate.

4.3) We do not include written website content as per our standard contract terms. We will edit your content within the initial agreed parameters and as we see fit according to our expertise. If, however, you wish for us to create original written content, we hold the right to charge accordingly. All provided and created content must not contravene any copyright laws.

4.4) Payment gateways, distribution partners and other 3rd party suppliers are solely the client’s responsibility. We will plug them into your website and set them up, but the use and management of these systems is the client’s responsibility before and after the project has been signed off.

4.5) Custom development will be charged for at an additional hourly rate.